We're beyond excited to announce our summer headlining tour!

Joining us on the tour will be Vasudeva and Head North. Tickets for the tour are on sale now, and links to purchase can be found on our dates page.

A few notes - this is our first headlining tour since we stopped self-booking our own tours. We know it doesn't cover the whole US, or the whole world...we know we won't be able to play for some of you on this run, and we're sorry about that and hope to make it up to you some day. To those who can make it, we're just beyond excited to be able to play more songs, deeper cuts, and long-requested tracks for you, and to be able to incorporate more elements into our live show than ever before.

On top of that, we're honored to have Vasudeva and Head North coming out to support us on this run. If there was ever a Gates tour you didn't want to miss, well this would be it!

Can't wait to see you all out on the road!

Parallel Lives out today!

The day has finally arrived and “Parallel Lives” is officially out today!

We wanted to take a moment and just say thank you. We made a record that was exactly what we wanted to make, through and through, and the feedback we heard so far has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. For five people in a band, it can’t get any better than that. 

If you love this record as much as we do, please help us spread the word! Even if it’s as simple as a share or posting up a song, it continues to help us more than you know.

On top of that, we get to welcome this album into the world by playing with Thrice and La Dispute tonight, two bands we love and respect. From the basement to here, we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue making music and to share it with so many others.

Thank you, enjoy the record, and see you on the road!

New Song/Video "Habit" Premieres at Noisey, Parallel Lives preorders live

Head over to Noisey to hear "Habit," a first taste of our second full-length album, Parallel Lives, which will be released on June 3rd, 2016. The song is accompanied by a video, edited by the lovely Greg Mitchels, showing you a bit of what we've been up to the past two years.

Preorders are live for the album HERE. We again put a lot of time and effort into each package and variant, including a limited 180g vinyl record with a custom slipcover. Preordering gets you an instant download of "Habit."

You can read a bit about the album HERE. We've honestly never been more proud of anything we've done and couldn't be happier to finally share at least a piece of this project with you.

New Song "Captive" Premieres at A.V. Club

Today we're premiering our song "Captive" over at A.V. Club. Click the image to check it out!

The release is through Overdue Collection Agency, who is celebrating its new status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The split between us and Matt Pryor is titled Burn Bright Vol. 1, and will be the first release of original material from the label. In addition, 50% of the profits from this release will benefit charitable organizations that support survivors of sexual assault, The East Los Angeles Women’s Center and RAINN.

“Captive” was one of our favorite songs from the Bloom & Breathe recording sessions, and we thought it stood so well on it’s own that we ultimately decided to leave it off the album to present in another project. When Michael from Overdue Collection reached out about doing a charity split with Matt Pryor, we knew it was the right placement for the track.

In addition to working with a label dedicated to quality vinyl releases, we’re proud to be supporting charities focused on survivors of sexual assault with a portion of the profits for this release. This cause is extremely important and we urge you to look into these organizations and donate further in any way you can.

Additionally, Matt Pryor has contributed two tracks, “My Own Reflection” and “Brake Lines,” to Burn Bright Vol. 1. His latest release is the live album Nine Forty Live, and fans can catch him in concert with Chris Conley and Andy Jackson on the tail end of his current tour.

Burn Bright Vol. 1 will be available in 5 vinyl variants in total. 3 are exclusive to Overdue Collection Agency’swebstore. Gates and Pryor have their own unique versions, which will be available on their respective tours.

Vinyl Pressing Information:
● 50 Black with Numbered Fire Extinguisher tags. (Exclusive to Overdue)
● 75 Black with Numbered Fire Extinguisher tags, (Exclusive to Gates)
● 75 Black with Numbered Fire Extinguisher tags. (Exclusive to Matt Pryor)
● 328 Black
● 550 Clear

There's a lyrical easter egg in the track for fans of You Are All You Have Left to Fear. Hope you enjoy!

Chon & The Dear Hunter - Lawrence, Kansas


On the way to our show at Granada Theater, we had the opportunity to stop at C&C Drum Company in Gladstone, Missouri. Jake Caldwell was kind enough to show us around their shop and talk drums with Dan. 


In downtown Lawrence we stopped at Taco Zone for lunch and checked out a local music shop next door to geek out on some gear.


The show at Grenada Theater was great, definitely our favorite show in Kansas yet, we hope to be back real soon. Thanks to everyone that came and hung out with us!

Chon & The Dear Hunter - Ferndale, Michigan


The Loving Touch show sold out! The turnout for these shows are seriously unreal. It's great to see so many dedicated fans coming out for each band, we couldn't be more stoked on the tour package. Michigan is our home away from home and it was great to spend time with friends and family before continuing our trip. Shout out to Kevin's mom for keeping us well fed as usual!


Dates with Chon/Headlining shows

While we're out on the road with The Dear Hunter, we'll be playing some headlining shows as well as some dates with Chon headlining. If we're not stopping by your area with TDH, we might be on one of these dates, so check it out and grab tickets.


As we got into Utah, we were notified by the promoter that the show was going to be canceled since Pianos was still broken down in California. We were really bummed that Pianos weren't having any luck with their situation and that there was a possibility that more shows would be canceled. Since we were under the impression that we had a day off now, we decided to make the best of it and explore the Bonneville Slat Flats while we were in the area. It's the first time we were all able to see it as a group, Mike and Dan came out here a few years ago to photograph the album artwork for " You Are All You Have Left to Fear." After wandering around for a bit, we got a call from our friends in Nora Dates, a band we've played with before in SLC, and they told us they had a practice space where the venue could be moved to. Loma was on board and Cult Leader was just getting back into town from GodCity Studios and hopped on the show as well. The show ended up being really cool even though everything was a last minute scramble. We're so grateful to have such resourceful friends and dedicated bands to help out in such situations.

Most importantly, we got to stop at out favorite breakfast spot Sill's Cafe on the way out, we all ate gigantic scones smothered and covered with honey butter, as usual.

The cover for "You Are All You Have Left to Fear" was photographed by Mike Maroney on the Salt Flats

The cover for "You Are All You Have Left to Fear" was photographed by Mike Maroney on the Salt Flats


Had lunch at Donner Pass, the meat was fresh. 

Had lunch at Donner Pass, the meat was fresh. 

We started off our California run in Anaheim at the Chain Reaction, which has quickly become one of our favorite places to play. Before we got to the show, Kevin was having some gear issues with his 2x12 cab, so he opened it up and saw that one of the speakers had a loose connection. Lucas, the engineer at Chain Reaction and an employee at Bad Cat Amplifiers, helped out with the issue and soldered the connection. Despite the technical issues, the show turned out to be one of the best of this tour. We got to hang with Ray Harkins, the vocalist of Taken, who interviewed Kevin for his Podcast .

Photo: Miguel Del Angel

Photo: Miguel Del Angel

Flyer Design: Dan King

Flyer Design: Dan King

In West Hollywood we got some time to hang with our buddy Drew, who has been kind enough to host us every time we come out to the area. We were really stoked we were able to check out Hancock Park nearby which had the La Brea Tar Pits, a good field for frisbee, and a bunch of food trucks. The show later that night was great, despite the $40 parking for the van and trailer, and it was easily one of the coolest rooms/stages that we've played on, the Roxy definitely lives up to its reputation. Shout out to Jake Round for hanging out and buying us some drinks at the bar!

Our last show in California was at 924 Gilman in Berkeley California. We've always heard such great things about this legendary venue and we certainly were not disappointed. The turnout was amazing and it was the first time we got to play with our buddies in the American Scene in a few years. We were swigging some "Refreshing White" Wine (Franzia of course) with the other bands, and we kept the party going at the Pure Noise office with Pianos. Unfortunately the next morning they had to deal with a dead battery followed by a blown transmission on Donner Pass later on in the day.