New Song "Captive" Premieres at A.V. Club

Today we're premiering our song "Captive" over at A.V. Club. Click the image to check it out!

The release is through Overdue Collection Agency, who is celebrating its new status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The split between us and Matt Pryor is titled Burn Bright Vol. 1, and will be the first release of original material from the label. In addition, 50% of the profits from this release will benefit charitable organizations that support survivors of sexual assault, The East Los Angeles Women’s Center and RAINN.

“Captive” was one of our favorite songs from the Bloom & Breathe recording sessions, and we thought it stood so well on it’s own that we ultimately decided to leave it off the album to present in another project. When Michael from Overdue Collection reached out about doing a charity split with Matt Pryor, we knew it was the right placement for the track.

In addition to working with a label dedicated to quality vinyl releases, we’re proud to be supporting charities focused on survivors of sexual assault with a portion of the profits for this release. This cause is extremely important and we urge you to look into these organizations and donate further in any way you can.

Additionally, Matt Pryor has contributed two tracks, “My Own Reflection” and “Brake Lines,” to Burn Bright Vol. 1. His latest release is the live album Nine Forty Live, and fans can catch him in concert with Chris Conley and Andy Jackson on the tail end of his current tour.

Burn Bright Vol. 1 will be available in 5 vinyl variants in total. 3 are exclusive to Overdue Collection Agency’swebstore. Gates and Pryor have their own unique versions, which will be available on their respective tours.

Vinyl Pressing Information:
● 50 Black with Numbered Fire Extinguisher tags. (Exclusive to Overdue)
● 75 Black with Numbered Fire Extinguisher tags, (Exclusive to Gates)
● 75 Black with Numbered Fire Extinguisher tags. (Exclusive to Matt Pryor)
● 328 Black
● 550 Clear

There's a lyrical easter egg in the track for fans of You Are All You Have Left to Fear. Hope you enjoy!