Bloom & Breathe - 10/21/14

We're excited to announce that our debut full-length album, Bloom & Breathe, will be available on October 21st through Pure Noise Records. This record has been two years in the making and we're stoked to finally share it with all of you!

Kevin co-produced the album with Mike Watts (As Tall As Lions, The Dear Hunter) at Vudu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY, where we spent a month and a half tracking and mixing this album, which took us two years to write. We honestly put every ounce of ourselves into this project and couldn't be happier with the results of our labor of love.

Below, you'll find the album cover, designed by our very own Dan King, with photography by Mike Maroney. The art represents the album's central theme; the constant question of whether we're growing or withering away, and if we're truly living on our way to an inevitable end. You'll also find the tracklisting, assuring you that we have indeed made a full-length album of all new material and not something stupid like an EP ;).

To any of you who've been with us since the start, we cannot thank you enough for your patience and support as we worked to bring the best possible art we could have made into this world.  For any of you who've discovered us recently, including today, we hope this is the beginning of a long, continuing journey together.  We have so much more to show all of you, both leading up to and after this record is released, and we hope you continue to listen, enjoy, and share what we've created so that we may grow instead of wither.  Stay tuned!


1) Everything That Ever Has Been
2) Bloom
3) Persist in Delusion
4) Not My Blood
5) Light the First Page
6) The Thing That Would Save You
7) Nothing You'll Miss
8) At Last the Loneliest of Them
9) Born Dead
10) Marrow
11) Low
12) Again at the Beginning
13) Everything That Always Will Be